Zavod Voluntariat

Opportunity for international volunteering & informal learning all around the world
Ljubljana - Slovenia


Zavod Voluntariat’s mission is to promote ideas of peace, social justice, sustainable development, international cooperation and solidarity through volunteering work and projects. We believe that international volunteering is beneficial for the personal development of an individual, for the promotion of social justice, for intercultural learning, and for education for peace and tolerance. Our vision is a world of peace, social justice and sustainable development, where people live together in mutual respect, able to resolve conflicts without promoting any form of violence.


The core values of Zavod Voluntariat and SCI are:

  • VOLUNTEERING in the sense of self-initiated action, without striving for material payment, and for the benefit of civil society.
  • NON-VIOLENCE as both a principle and a method.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS and the respect of individuals as indicated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • SOLIDARITY among people at all levels.
  • RESPECT FOR NATURAL ENVIRONMENT and ecosystem of which we are a part and depend on.
  • INTEGRATION/ACCEPTANCE with the aim to be open and inclusive to all individuals who share the aims and purposes of our movement, without prejudice to gender, race, religion, nationality, social status or political views and other possible bases for discrimination.
  • ENCOURAGING and educating people to understand and work towards the transformation of social, cultural and economic structures that influence lives on all levels.
  • COOPERATION with local communities as well as other local, national and international actors in order to strengthen the positive potential of civil society.