Fórum Társulat

Theater troupe engaged in education, drama, improvisation, training.
Budapest - Hungary

"We think that theatre is a community forum. We believe that theatre can enable people to feel connected even if they think they are not part of the same community. In our theatre we invite audience to take an active part in the performance instead of a passive one.

We think that there are issues we don’t talk about but we should. We think that there are methods, places, events which give the chance to communicate about these things when talk is not enough by itself. We create this kind of events. We think that is what drama and theatre are for."

2018-03-14 - 2018-03-17
T.T.T. Training Theatre in Global Education
Hollókő - Hungary
Participants : 0

2017-10-04 - 2017-10-07
T.A.T. Training Theatre in Global Education
Maribor - Slovenia
Participants : 0

2016-09-26 - 2016-09-30
Coaching Module
Maribor - Slovenia
Participants : 15