Diversion Holding b.v.

Agency for Social Innovation. We develop creative concepts for solving social issues.
Amsterdam - Netherlands

Diversion is a company for social innovation, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Diversion tackles societies’ challenges through the development of creative concepts, in the fields of education, youth literacy, youth participation and emancipation. Throughout several projects in education, we deploy hundreds of young role models (peer educators) to bring subjects into discussion that many youths may find boring, that are associated with cultural or religious taboos or are politically sensitive (e.g. antisemitism & anti-Islamism, radicalization, LGBT+, but also media-literacy, mental health, and poverty and debt issues).

Founded in 2003, Diversion has throughout the years trained over 1500 peer educators, making us the leading expert in peer education in the Netherlands.
Diversion developed a variety of project covering a wide range of societal topics. For every project, Diversion seeks collaboration with partners that can significantly contribute to the project. These contributions can be through adding knowledge or expertise (e.g. the International Centre for Counter Terrorism, regarding our project Newsroom on media-literacy and free press), funds (e.g. more than 30 Dutch municipalities, banks, and insurance agencies that enable us to conduct the biggest debt and poverty prevention project in the Netherlands, MoneyWays),
implementation opportunities (e.g. the hundreds of schools we work with on a yearly basis), or through publicity (e.g. various media partners or affiliated politicians
publicly endorsing our projects’ goals). Our most evident partnership however is the partnership with young people themselves: the peer educators as well as the
youngsters they reach through the projects are actively involved in setting Diversions’ agenda and priorities.

With a team of 30+ office staff members, we bring vast expertise regarding young people’s perception on societal issues, enhancing critical thinking, peer education, and implementing large scale projects in education to the table.