European Peer Training Organisation - EPTO

EPTO provides a space where young people can be learners and educators, sharing with their peers their competencies in a spirit of collaboration.
In EPTO, individual knowledge becomes collective knowledge.

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Join the Campaign “Life beyond EU Funding: Imagining a Different Role for Youth Organisations in Europe”

Inter Alia, along with a partnership of over 100 civil society organisations and networks across Europe, is carrying out a pan-European campaign “Life beyond EU Funding: Imagining a Different Role for Youth Organisations in Europe”. 

EPTO has joined this campaign and we invite our members and partners to join too!

Member in Focus: Generation Echo

Generation Echo / Asociacija "Aidinti karta", based in Lithuania, focuses on work with disadvantaged youth, organizing leisure time activities, trainings and workshops for professional and personal growth.

“Generation Echo” has over 7 years experience with working with young people. Members have been involved in youth camps and international projects focusing on discrimination, ecology, social media and digital marketing skills, mentorship, entrepreneurship, etc. 

Registrations Now Open!

PeaceJam Pan-European Online Youth Conference

Registration is now open for the first ever PeaceJam Pan-European Online Youth Conference, with 1997 Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams, KidsRights International Children's Peace Prize winner, The Rt Hon Stuart Lawrence, Earthling Ed and prominent youth activists from across Europe! 

The online conference will comprise of predominantly youth-led Q&A sessions, panel discussions, interactive workshops and small group discussions, focusing on education, environment, equality, health and migration.

Join our Campaign for an Inclusive Europe!

Campaign for an Inclusive Europe

As PeaceJam Europe, today we launched our ‘Campaign for an Inclusive Europe’ coinciding with International Day of Peace, to mobilise young people and address the most pressing issues facing our communities. From Black Lives Matter to Climate Change, young people are at the forefront championing change, and we want to amplify these efforts through our ‘Laureate of the Future Programme’.

PeaceJam Pan-European Youth Conference

PeaceJam Pan-European Youth Conference 11-15 November 2020

We are very excited to announce that the Pan-European PeaceJam Youth Leadership Conference to take place 11-15 November and in order to make sure that it is accessible to as many young people as possible we have decided to go online!

We will be sharing more details with you soon, but for now, pencil in PeaceJam for November, because it’s going to be full of amazing online activities!