EPTO is partnering with the PeaceJam Foundation

EPTO is partnering with the PeaceJam Foundation to implement their award-winning peace education programme in Belgium!

Unleashing the potential of young people to create a world for everyone

Following the success of the 1st PeaceJam Youth Conference in Belgium, we are thrilled to announce that EPTO is in charge of implementing the PeaceJam peace education programme in Belgium!

In partnership with the PeaceJam Foundation and the Universal Education Foundation (UEF), EPTO will pilot a PeaceJam curriculum in 10 schools / organisations between January and June 2017. Compassion in Action: Creating Inclusive Communities is PeaceJam’s newest program for students ages 12-18. It is designed to provide an antidote to fear, discrimination and hate by helping students value diversity and create inclusive communities within their schools and neighborhoods through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Prize winners.


Nobel Peace Laureates Mentoring Youth to Change the World

With 20 years of experience, PeaceJam is the global leader in youth development and engagement. PeaceJam is an international education organization led by thirteen Nobel Peace Laureates.The PeaceJam Foundation has been nominated nine times for the Nobel Peace Prize and has recently partnered with Google and other global leaders to launch One Billion Acts of Peace - an international global citizens’movement led by PeaceJam’s Nobel Peace Laureates and designed to tackle the toughest issues facing humanity.

PeaceJam Programming

PeaceJam provides year-long award-winning programs for youth ages 5 – 25. The PeaceJam program centers on the life and work of our 13 Nobel Peace Laureate, introducing students to these role models for peace from around the globe. Each curriculum is research-based and enhances the academic and social-emotional skills of youth, fostering the essential character traits necessary to create positive change in the world. Each program ties to learning standards and engages youth in a high quality service-learning process designed to build leadership, 21 st century skills, and community engagement. Visit PeaceJam.org for review the membership levels – and get started to today!

PeaceJam’s Youth Leadership Conferences

PeaceJam Hosts Youth Leadership Conferences with Nobel Peace Laureates in cities around the world every year. These incredible events are an opportunity for hundreds of youth from a region to come together for two days of community building, meaningful service, and skill-building workshops, all under the guidance from a world leader for peace. Students have the opportunity to:

  • Listen to a keynote address fromthe visiting Nobel Peace Laureate and participate in a youth-focused question and answer session.
  • Engage in service projectsalongside the visiting Nobel Peace Laureate.
  • Present their service-learning projects to the visiting Nobel Peace Laureate.
  • Foster new skills and knowledge about topics related to social justice, the environment, human rights, etc.
  • Connect with community leaders working toward positive change.
  • Become motivated and committed to positive change in themselves, their communities, and the world.