EPTO goes local: new youth project launched in Brussels !

Since 20 years, EPTO has been promoting peer education at the European level. Brussels, where the organisation is based, is not only the European Capital however: it is also home to a very young and diverse local population. After the 2016 Brussels attacks, which saw a degradation of the social and political climate, a rise in distrust between communities, and a strengthening of extreme ideas across the spectrum, EPTO felt compelled to act and get involved. "Pairs & repères pour construire la Bruxelles de demain", which more or less translates into "Peers & landmarks to build the Brussels of tomorrow", is the name of EPTO’s new project. It brings together 20 Brussels' youth from all backgrounds to share their experiences regarding identity and diversity matters, and set up their own creative field-projects to shape an inclusive future for their home city. To find out more, visit the project's website.