training_0.pngTraining is the core business of EPTO.

 EPTO offers several formats of trainings on different topics, which are part of a certification process and based on a competence framework. Over the years, EPTO has developed a unique expertise in combining peer training, experiential learning and diversity education.

The method of peer training is based upon the belief that young people deliver a message to their peers that is often more credible and efficient than when it is delivered by authority figures. It assumes that:

  • Peer groups have a big influence on the growth and development of young people
  • Young people can strongly influence the societies in which they live.
  • Peer trainers need to understand themselves as people: their unique potential, the way they learn and communicate, their skills, attitudes and values.
  • All individuals are “teachers” and learners.
  • Peer training is a form of social action.

In partnership with numerous local and national organisations, EPTO has trained many youth leaders from several European countries in raising awareness of different expressions of identity and diversity, addressing all forms of discrimination and advocating for more inclusive environments, resulting in an impact on thousands of young people throughout Europe.

Following a carefully designed pedagogical process, all the training programmes we offer create highly participatory, experiential and interactive environments where participants develop self-awareness, genuine communication, impactful engagement, metacognitive abilities and competences of leadership, facilitation, role-modelling and project management.